Ithaca       Agia Sarantas


This house is a beautiful, private and peaceful alternative to hotel accommodation on Ithaca.

Ithaca is a quiet island which affords the opportunity to relax, enjoy the beautiful swimming coves, walk the old shepherd’s trails, visit Homer’s archeological sites, dream about the ancient worlds and see how a small village works.

The old wood fired bakery that delivers bread to the local’s gates, the fruit van that travels to people’s homes, the goat and sheep herders, the wooden fishing boats and of course the afternoon siesta.

The house is a traditional Ithacan stone house with a two storey front portion and a single story rear portion. The house is in the quiet northern village of Ag Sarantas. The front of the house incorporated the large cellar, which was used for winemaking and at one point in time was used as a small shop. The rear was the kitchen area. The house was my paternal grandfather’s home and when he emigrated to Australia his brother and wife continued to live there. Following the death of my grandfather and subsequently his brother and sister in law, my father and uncle inherited the house. The two storey portion of the house had been damaged during the earthquake of 1953 and was uninhabitable. Leonardo, the builder who has renovated the house, lived in the rear portion of the house when he and his family emigrated from Albania. They tended the house as if it was their own. They cultivated a beautiful vegetable garden and kept the house “alive”. These old houses need to be lived in and fall into disrepair quickly if they remain empty. Leonardo, knew the house and its quirks intimately and this has enabled him to restore it so beautifully.

The house consists of a front two storey portion and a rear single storey section. Downstairs there are two bedrooms – one with a king size bed and room for two camp beds and the other has 3 single beds in it. There is a large bathroom with a bath and shower. There is also an open area, which was the old wine press. This area can also fit two camp beds in it if required.

Upstairs there is a bedroom with a king size bed, a large bathroom with shower and washing machine and an enormous lounge area. The seating in the lounge area consists of two in built daybeds, which can also be used as two single beds.

The kitchen is in the single storey section. It has a dining table that seats 12 people comfortably, stove, fridge and dishwasher.

The kitchen and the lounge room open onto a veranda with built in seating and a view of Afales Bay and the picturesque mountain village of Exoghi.

There is also a large outdoor area on the other side of the kitchen.

From the house it is about a 5 minute walk down to Afales Bay, a turquoise blue bay used mainly by the locals. Opposite the house is the small general store, housed in an old stone building and run by one of the local women, who in true island style, opens when she is ready!